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Arthurian Legend:

I’ve always loved Arthurian Legend, but it wasn’t until I taught high school English that I learned the value of the Legend. I had students that wouldn't read the literature I assigned. When we went to the library to get reading books, these students stood by the book shelves, thumbed through several books, and returned them to the shelf. When the unit on King Arthur begin, I started off by asking my students to share what they already knew about Arthur. My non-readers usually had their hands up first! Over the course of the unit (3-4 weeks), these students—who didn’t read—scrambled to get their hands on stories, books, and movies before anyone else. The first year this happened I was stunned. After about the 4th year in a row, I realized I had discovered the figurative ‘sword in the stone' that propelled these students to read. I loved it!

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