About Me:

I'm a lover of mythology, myths, legends, & tales from the ancient/medieval worlds. The world's myths & legends don't fade away; they are just repackaged for a new audience.  As a high school English teacher, I continually challenged my students to find connections between today & times long gone by. Some took more digging than others, but the connections were always there

I write Arthurian Legend for young readers & teens. These stories exhibit what I consider to be cornerstones of that Legend: Courage, Honor, Loyalty, & Friendship. My tales from the Ancient World along with my new series Feathers of the Phoenix meld the ancient/medieval worlds with today's.

My Grandma/Grandpa’s Tales, short illustrated tales, help youngest readers build their reading skills. At the 2nd grade reading level, these stories are suitable for readers aged 4 and up.

P.S. I believe in magic & Unicorns!!


​​​​​​Tales & Legends

Author Cheryl Carpinello