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Grandma's/Grandpa's Tales 3

($11 US)

Vampires in the Backyard 

Vampires! They even live in your backyard!

A Fish Tale

What if the story is true? 
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My Grandson's Book (2018)

Cameron's Book of Insects

($6 US)

Cameron published this 2 weeks before he turned 10. He took all of the pictures and wrote all of the text. .

2014 Gold Global eBook Awards.
2013  Merit Award CIPA EVVY
2013 Finalist Ariana Cover 
2012 Silver Literary Classics

2012 Seal of Approval.Literary Classics
2012 Finalist E-Book Children USA Best Book Awards

Guinevere: The Legend, Book 3

($12 US)

Across the dark water to the land of ancient Gaul, renegades take Cedwyn and the littl’uns farther from home and rescue.
Led by her heart rather than her head and without any thought for her safety, fifteen-year-old Guinevere sets out alone to save Cedwyn.And if she fails…?
Eleven-year-old Cedwyn’s trust in Guinevere is absolute. But will his sacrifice to save her and protect the littl’uns end with the loss of his own life?

My Books

​​​​​Tales & Legends

Beyond Today Educator

Stories For Reluctant Readers

Author Cheryl Carpinello

2019 ECO Award from Douglas County School District, Castle Rock CO

Guinevere Trilogy:  2020 Bronze Moonbeam Award for Best Chapter Book Series

Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend

Book 2 ($12 US)

Guinevere and Cedwyn’s latest adventure takes a dangerous turn; castle kids are kidnapped; and Guinevere and Cedwyn vow to rescue them. Their plan quickly unravels, and Guinevere's impassioned decisions come crashing down as Cedwyn chooses to turn his dream of being a knight into reality. Will courage be enough, or will one make the ultimate sacrifice?

2011 Global eBook Awards Finalist

2020: EVVY 1st Place Fantasy, Folklore, Myth; EVVY 2nd Place Juvenile Fiction MG; Silver Medal Readers' Favorite Myth/Fairytale; Pinnacle Book Achievement Award YA Fiction

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Grandma's/Grandpa's Tales

($8 US)

Wild Creatures in My Neighborhood&

What If I Went to the Circus

Two delightful stories crafted with repeating phrases.

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Tutankhamen Speaks ($8 US)

His Story. His Words.
From over 3000 years ago comes the voice of the Boy King. 
Scrolls found buried in the basement of the Egyptian Museum. Transcribed in an ancient hand. Record the words of King Tut for all to read.
Tutankhamen answers all of the lingering questions, including the big one.
Discover the real story behind this famous pharaoh. Transport yourself back to an Ancient Egypt filled with mystery, magic, and danger!

Sons of the Sphinx ($12 US)

A typical teenager, except...
Rosa hears the dead. She also talks to the dead.
At 15, not good for a teenager.
Who goes to 1330 BC Egypt with a ghost?

Who falls in love with a 3,000 year-old Pharaoh?  
Anything goes in this thrilling time travel adventure in ancient Egypt. 

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend

Book I ($12 US) 

Fun Birthday? Not for this soon-to-be 13 year old princess.

Never mind that she frequently ends up in trouble. After this birthday, no more fun. Just boring work. Her father told her numerous times: play ended here.

A Medieval coming-of-age story relevant today.

2019 IPNE YA Finalist

​​2018: 1st Place Gertrude Warner MG Chanticleer Inl't Book Awards; Silver Literary Classics;
Double Gold Global eBook Award;
Double Bronze CIPA Evvy; Honorable Mention Purple Dragonfly; 100 Most Notable Indies; Finalist Wishing Shelf
2017: Quarter Finalist 
Children's Official Selection 
Apple eBook

Tales & Legends Writing Journal

​($8 US)

Complete with writing tips.

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2016 Gold Global eBook Awards
2014 Merit Award CIPA EVVY

Young Knights of the Round Table:

The King's Ransom ($12 US) 

The youngest heir of Pembroke Castle, Gavin longs to be worthy.
Fear of failure sits heavy on his 11-year-old heart.

Will he run? Will he stand and fight?
A riveting coming of age story for today, set in the mystical days of King Arthur.

2015: Finalist Readers' Favorite; Finalist IAN Book of the Year; Finalist CAL Book Award
2014: Silver Medal
Literary Classics; Seal of Approval Literary Classics

Grandma's/Grandpa's Tales 2

​($9 US)

Singers of Songs &

The Not Too Stubborn Humpback

Two entertaining stories with pages for children to illustrate.

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